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Vulcano Buono Gamifies Malls with Beacons

You’ve seen many use cases that show how beacons boost customer engagement overnight. No wonder that…

FC Porto App Gets The Beacon Rolling!

FC Porto, one of the most famous teams in Europe, has used beacons to help…

McDonald’s Drives Conversion Rate In Store of 20% with Context-Sensitive Offers Powered by

McDonald’s loves to offer their customers with great food at great prices, but they know…

Proximity Drives Loyalty: Almost 99% of Gino Rossi Consumers Keep Using Its App

Keeping your customers loyal to your brand so you won’t lose them to competitors sounds…

How Beacons Helped HotSpot Parking Gain Over 3,000 Active Users has partnered with dozens of innovative companies, to create and deliver unique customer experiences…

Beacon technology and wine-tasting experience for Chianti connoisseurs’s beacon technology is bringing wine-lovers an immersive tasting experience, thanks to an app developed…

How Beacons Transformed the Trade Show Experience at Panorama Berlin

If you’ve ever attended a huge expo, you know that finding stands you’re interested in…

Proximity-based Gamification Brings 60% Engagement To Events

There are many ways to enhance the experience of event attendees—by providing great care, accessible…

3 Ways To Target Location - 1 Easy To Use Platform



Reach out to clients based on their current location.



Reach out to clients based on their location history.



Reach out to clients based on proximity to a Beacon.

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