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What Are Beacons?

A beacon is like a small digital lighthouse. It broadcasts a signal advertising “I am here and my ID is…”. It allows bluetooth based device, such as a smartphone to receive these time static pieces of data within short distances. For instance, inside a store or other kinds of buildings.
Beacons rely on one of the simplest and less costly technologies out there:bluetooth. All messages are extremelly time and place appropriate, and allow customers to be informed about what goes on in store and that they might be interested in, without even asking for it.
Beacons can trigger different behaviour inside an app such as a push notification. There are also a number of other Beacon use cases such as home automation, childrens games and exhibit information at an event or museum.

Common Myths About Beacons

Myth #1: I Can Use Beacons Without an App. Beacons are just Bluetooth signal transmitters. They need to work in conjunction with an app to trigger an action, such as a push notification or something else. The main workload is handled by the software program implemented into an app. All beacons can use browser Chrome app to trigger an action/notification so it is available for all enterprises that need to communicate in proximity of their locations either they have a proprietary app or not.
Myth #2: Beacons Can Be Used Instead Of “Normal” Geofencing Because beacons operate at a smaller range, they cannot replace geofences that can cover an entire city with just one geofence. That would take thousands of beacons! If you managed to deploy this many beacons, since they are powered by batteries, managing all of them would be impractical. Also, the reach of geofences is much higher compared to Beacons as Bluetooth is not required. This is an advantage because some estimates suggest that only 15% of people have Bluetooth enabled on their phones.
Myth #3: I Need to Use Software from My Beacon Provider. Beaconit is compatible with beacons from all the different vendors.
Myth #4: Beacons Are Not Compatible with Other Geofencing Technology Beaconit solution has support for both beacons and geofencing, so it’s possible to use geofencing and beacons in one campaign. Beaconit also works well alongside other geofencing and beacon plugins within one app.
Myth #5: It’s Hard to Keep Track of All My Beacons. Beaconit dashboard has a feature that enables you to put beacons on a map so that you know where they are in the real world.
Myth #6: It Is hard To Manage So Many Physical Beacons with Beaconit. Beacons can be managed in a similar way to your geofences. Once you have your Beacons on a map, they are very easy manage.

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